Social Media: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for PR Pros?

Plenty of social media seminars can help you learn if using social media can help boost your company’s profile, and presumably, its bottom line.

Here’s my question for you as a PR professional: Can Twitter and Facebook boost your creativity?

I’m asking this because it gets to the heart of what we do: We’re paid to be creative on demand. That’s why we were hired.

In fact, you may be the only right-brained person in your entire company.  You alone may be the whole creative department. So protect your creativity. It’s your greatest asset.

If you’re not careful, Facebook and Twitter can zap your creativity because they are such time suckers. They’re like friends who party all the time — fun, seductive, but sort of shallow and not the best thing for your overall well-being.

On the flip side, there’s absolutely nothing that can drain your creative juices faster than the dullness of spending the whole day at your desk. When you’re called upon to whip out sparkling copy in a hurry, it can be really tough to pull your head out of the fog and be dazzling.

So here’s a tip for protecting your creativity: Devote some time to creative pursuits. To keep your writing skills sharp, write every day. It can be in a journal, it can be a blog – tweets don’t count. Keep it fun, do little writing exercises, whatever it takes. Your writing brain is a muscle and you have to keep it limber.

For a really excellent course in creativity, check out “The Artist’s Way,” a book by Julia Cameron. She suggests writing three pages long-hand every morning. They’re called “morning pages,” and they are extremely helpful especially if you’re experiencing writer’s block.

PR pros, let’s recognize Twitter and Facebook for what they are: communication tools. Just as the Internet, print, radio and TV are communication tools. And while our tools are constantly changing, there is one thing that remains constant: The idea is what counts. The rest is execution.

Contributed by Christi Dunn, PR Manager, Dynegy


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